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Parents and Community Members - Volunteer at Aloha High School

Thanks for considering being a volunteer at Aloha High School. Unfortunately, we are not able to have volunteers on campus at this time. This page will be updated when this changes.
Share your skills. Make a difference. Help a student.  HAVE SOME FUN!
High School students are really fun to work with.
It's incredibly rewarding.
You could be the reason a student passes a class he or she might otherwise fail.
We need you! Our kids need you!
You'll gain valuable experience.
You want the future of tomorrow to successfully complete high school.
You'll meet wonderful people.
Why not volunteer?

Beaverton School District requires that parent and community volunteers register on and have a background check. Complete the application on the Beaverton School District Volunteer webpage.

Below are listed some of the many ways you could volunteer your time at Aloha High School.  Please contact Serafina Warner if you would like to help.