Non-BSD Student Registration Process

Are you a Homeschool, Private School, or Online School (Non-FLEX) Student who LIVES INSIDE THE ALOHA HS BOUNDARY and wants to join Aloha HS Athletics? These processes are required BEFORE you will be able to register for Athletics in the same way as regular Aloha HS (and Option School) students.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only register for Sports at Aloha HS IF the Private/alternative School you are currently attending (part time, or full time) does NOT offer the sport in which you wish to participate.

Getting Cross Enrolled - START HERE:

Heading Border Solid Blue

Heading Border Solid Blue

Activating Parent Vue AND Online Payment System Accounts for the FIRST TIME:


  1. Email the Aloha HS office to request your Activation key, AFTER your student has been cross enrolled. Click Here.

  2. Go to this Parent Vue link: Parent Vue Activation and click "Activate Account"

  3. Enter your name and the Activation Key you were given by the office

  4. Create your username and password. REMEMBER this username, you will need it for the Online Payment System

  5. WAIT FOR 24 HOURS (save this page to come back to it later)

  6. Go back to the Register for Athletics webpage and review the "Detailed Instructions for Registering for Athletics"

  7. Follow the link provided to the Online Payment System

  8. Click on the button "Click here to setup your account

  9. Input the username you chose, and the system will email you to get you setup

  10. Follow the rest of the directions listed on the "Detailed Instructions or Registering for Athletics"