Detailed Registration Instructions

Register Using the

To register for athletics for the 21-22 school year, you will use the ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM, which requires signing in using your ParentVue username with a separate password of your choosing.



If the Physical you submit when registering does not include ALL of the following it is NOT valid and you will be required to submit an updated form:

-DATE OF THE EXAM listed at the top of the page (the doctor's signature date is not a valid exam date.)
-STUDENT'S NAME listed at the top of the page.
-DOCTOR'S NAME (Must be readable/printed or stamped. Forms with only a signature are not valid.)
-DOCTOR'S CONTACT INFORMATION (printed or stamped).

How to GET READY for Registration...

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Follow these steps to register for Athletics:

1. Follow this link to the Online Payment System: Online Payment System

2. Click the button that says "Click here to setup your account" if you have never signed in before.
PLEASE NOTE: This login is not the ParentVue login, but you do need your ParentVue username and enter it in the username field, then click "search." If the message "Check your inbox for a link to setup your password" appears in green, then you can proceed to the next step. If a red message appears that there is an error, please contact the Counseling Office so they can help you setup a proper email address with ParentVue, and come back to this process after the error has been fixed.

3. Check your email inbox for the link, and click it to setup your new password for the Online Payment System.

4. Sign in using your Parent Vue username, and new password that you just created for the Online Payment System.

5. Once you are signed in to the Online Payment System, click on your Student's Name under "Shopping For". Then scroll down and look under "Shop" and find the link that says “Register for Athletics and Activities” as seen below:

Register for Athletics Button


6. InTouch Registration will open display your students name and the following options:

<student's name> documents
<student's name> registrations
Find Registrations

Click on "Find Registrations" and the list of open sports registrations should appear. IF YOU ARE USING A SMART PHONE please make sure you wait a few minutes after clicking the link. It often takes a long time to open on mobile devices.

7. Select the Sport you wish to register for and click "fill out" for each of the steps of the registration process as seen here. Please note the COVID waiver has been added to the registration process. (Once completed you may register for multiple other sports, the forms will be marked as completed):

Registration Steps Image
  • Athletic Participation Form: fill out completely, and parent signs it. This is completed once a year: YOU MUST INCLUDE proof of health insurance (provider and policy number) on this form, to participate.
  • Athletic Participation Rules Form: read and both parent and student sign the form (see below for a short description of athletic participation requirements).
  • School Sports Pre-Participation Examination Form: fill out completely and  both parent and student sign at the bottom. This is equivalent to Part 1 (front side) of the Physical form from last yearThis is required, even if you already have a current valid physical on file with the Athletic Office.
  • Physical Examination Upload: upload a copy of the Physical Examination (Part 2 of last year's form) completed by a doctor**. (Exams are only valid for two years from the date the exam was completed by the doctor. Once expired, Athletes will be ineligible to participate until a new one is submitted). IF the student already had a valid physical on file from last year, this step may already say completed. If not you can contact the Athletic Office to ask about currently valid Physicals that were already on file from last year HERE.
  • COVID 19 WAIVER FORM: This form has been ADDED to all registrations. This is required this year before participating in any workouts or practices.

8. After each of the forms, and the physical upload have been submitted, continue to monitor your email for notifications about approved, or denied, forms. For denied forms, follow the instructions or requests which will be listed in the registration, and resubmit the forms for approval.

9. IF NECESSARY: Email any additionally required OSAA forms in to the Athletic Office directly. Forms such as Eligible Student Transfer Certificate, Foreign Student Eligibility Checklist, Home School Eligibility Parent Checklist, School Representation Eligibility Certificate, Student Intent to Transfer Certificate. See frequently asked questions for more information about those forms, when they are required. Already established AHS students, and incoming 9th graders do not need these forms.


You can download and print a copy of the standard Physical Exam form from the links above. The part to bring to the doctor to be filled out is the second page titled “School Sports Preā€Participation Examination – Part 2: Medical Provider Completes.” If you do not have access to a scanner to scan and upload a copy once the doctor has filled it out, you can take a picture of the completed form and upload that instead. HOWEVER:
     -The picture must be clear and completely readable, and include the entire form in one picture.
     -The DATE OF EXAM, Student's name/info, the Doctor’s signature, AND the Doctor’s FULL contact information must be included and readable in the image.

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