Sunshine Warrior



Carson - Our First Sunshine Warrior

Over the past 10 years our Warrior family has helped medically fragile children and their families through the Sparrow organization. This year we are helping Carson and his family in partnership with They will be our first Aloha Warrior Sunshine Family.

Carson is four years old and he's won the hearts of our Ohana. He loves singing, pandas and hanging out with our Warriors. He does not like ice-cream - only whipped cream. When Carson was born, he was diagnosed with a very rare disorder called Peter's Anomaly. This is when the front part of the eyes don't form correctly causing Carson to be blind. Carson also has Pulmonary Valve Stenosis which is a hole in his heart.

At five months old, Carson got titanium implants in his eyes and he could see for the first time. At two and a half he had open heart surgery at Doernbecher's Hospital. Unfortunately, Carson's body is rejecting his eye implants. With only a few months of partial sight left, he is learning Braille and using his white cane. Carson has had over 40 surgeries on his eyes and 3 on his heart. He will have additional heart surgeries in his future. You would never know that Carson has gone through so much. He is an amazing, happy, vivacious boy who is a joy to be around.

Our Sunshine goals for Carson is to pay off his medical and dental bills and get Carson a Smart Brailler

Carson and his mom, Megan, came to meet his 1800 new Warrior friends at a recent assembly. Megan graduated from AHS in 2006 and it was great to welcome her back. Carson stole the show and the microphone. He chatted, played games and took pictures with all the students. Carson visits campus regularly and loves to high five and take photos.



Would you or your business like to help Carson?

T-Shirt Fundraiser

We will be selling Carson T-shirts! A $150 donation will get your business advertised on the back of the T-shirt. Please email if you would like to participate.

Donations of any amount

You may donate directly to Carson or provide seed money to help us buy something to sell and multiply your donation. We will sell stickers, Don Chilitos, Jamba Juice, and other lunchtime treats. Gift cards or items to raffle are always helpful. We will advertise and thank you on social media.

Donations can be made online or with a check made out to AHS. Memo: Sunshine Carson.

Make checks out to Aloha High School or donate online
Direct any questions to AHS Leadership Teacher, Erin Livingston,

Thank You For Your Support!