Go Warriors! Opportunity Fund

Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund​

We invite you to join us (class of ’70 and ’71), in networking with other alumni to build the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund! The original alumni classes have now been joined by more than twelve classes and the community.

To celebrate our 45th and 44th reunion, we established the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund! It awards grants through the Beaverton Education Foundation to small non athletic student groups (8 or more) with seed money and fund optional class activities in a wide range of areas. The fund pools the resources of all alumni classes and the Aloha community to encourage initiative, planning, budgeting, problem solving, project execution and delivery. It it used to stimulate student interest in exploring career and personal development.

Why build an endowment fund?

Traditionally endowment funds established by alumni were in the domain of private high schools. Recent news has focused on family income demographics of current students and educational funding cutbacks. Our effort will help change the current perception with a permanent resource and is a great way to let current and future students know that we care and consider them to be our most valuable asset as it was in the past!

The goal is to reach $50,000 to become a permanent endowment fund which grows and awards funds year after year. For more information contact

Now the BEF Beaverton's Choice Project link will immediately update the fund total and send a receipt reflecting your gift. 

We also have an AHS 50th Anniversary Celebration video posted on Youtube - - with event pictures/videos. The event was well received and had over 300 alumni, staff, and community members attend.

Fund Update and Promotion Information

For information on the latest fund update and promotions see our Facebook page at

Donation Flyer and Form

To mail a gift print the Donation Flyer at

Tax deductible gifts are accepted year round at: or by mail to:

Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF)
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #168
Beaverton, OR 97005
(Make check payable to Beaverton Education Foundation indicating the Go Warriors! Fund Term (for current students) and Endowment distribution amounts)



Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund Update

Update as of 4/30/2022

Activities and News

Aloha High School

  • Participated in the Sr Breakfast Planning meeting. Volunteers needed for breakfast setup, decoration, and cleanup. Breakfast to be held June 10th with the prep 3:0pm-7:00pm June 9th and 6:15am – 8:00am June 10th. Volunteers must register with BSD with interests, for background check and upload vax status. For questions contact or phone 503-356-2763
  • Continuing to identify tools and channels to support requests which do not fall under the Go Warriors scope. The types of requests seen are under school spirit, small athletic groups, borderline infrastructure requests.
    • More funds needed. Currently polling Facebook Go Warriors! AHS Opportunity site and group to identify the level of support for boys and girls Multicultural Soccer On re-starting this program that has been run voluntarily for 15 years by AHS staff, they are looking to pay league fees for boys the price is $700 and for girls it is $650. It is open to any AHS student. It’s a great activity for fun and skill building. Student interest is high enough to field 3 teams!
  • Music Studio staff request – Do you have a gently used electric guitar, ukulele, or bass guitar they’re looking to get rid of, the school will happily take donations. Email Chris using with a description and contact information.

Aloha Alumni 2022-23

  • Developed and published the annual Aloha Warrior class reunion video, AHS Warriors Class Reunions. It can be found at . To update reunion info contact Chris using email -

Beaverton Education Foundation

  • Actively working with BEF and the AHS Booster Club/PTO to build a funding collaboration process/channel.
  • With BEF, Warrior Alumni and Community, Go Warriors funded an award to Warriors Go Beyond the Building.


  • Introduced Aloha Business Association to Go Warriors! AHS Opportunity Fund/s at their monthly meeting.
  • Updated and published Introducing Go Warriors! AHS Opportunity Funds 2022

Go Warriors! Opportunity Funds

  • Are you interested in being a volunteer Assistant Go Warriors Administrator or Marketing Admin for Assistant and Marketing Admin backup? Less than 3 hours per month needed per role. Training is available for all roles. If you are interested in more info let Chris know ( leave a msg/text 971-217-8950) or This position will transition as future replacement.

Project Awards for 2021-2022

  • In partnership with Beaverton Education Foundation, The Van Gogh Experience for AP students to be held in Nov has been fully funded! This is an in person event at the Convention Center that will inspire! For more detail see the request -
  • Go Warriors! Board awarded $1000 to Help Hilda's Team fund their Specialized Program Wellness Center! request to convert a class space into a space where 52 students who are struggling can come and access a calming environment, so they can regulate before returning to class. Students who benefit experience a range of disabilities from Autism Spectrum Disorder, to Oppositional Defiance Disorder, to Emotional Behavioral Disorder. Funds would go towards furniture, sensory calming items, soft lighting, window coverings, a tea station, and other items to help facilitate a relaxed and calming atmosphere. The request has now been fully funded with BEF and Aloha PTO support!

  • Go Warriors! Board awarded $750 to All About that Bass! Andrew Thompson, class of 2001, is teaching a brand-new Music Studio program. It has lots of very interested students. This request supplies more gear to the studio especially bass.
  • Go Warriors! Board awarded $1250 to Warriors Go Beyond the Building, to transform the blacktop, a space just outside the back of the building where students play basketball and get some air during lunch, into a welcoming spot suitable for classroom and social activities. This space has the potential to benefit several aspects of our student and staff experience including:
    • Outdoor classroom that would allow students and educators to continue their learning while getting fresh air
    • An extension of our Wellness Center, supporting student health and wellness in a setting outside of the busy building
    • A space for students to socialize and connect during lunch breaks - this is so important after being isolated at home during COVID

What can you do to support AHS this year?

Financial Update

Endowment Fund End of Year 2021 Financial Report

Principle Value as of June 20, 2021 $42, 994.81
Contributions as of 12/31/2021 $3450.00
Change in Net Value on Principle Invested $1971.69
Market Value as of December 31, 2021 $44,966.50

Go Warriors! Endowment Fund gifts increased by $950. We made the $40,000 endowment fund contribution milestone! We are within $1160 of the $50,000 milestone for overall gifts which includes past Term Fund gifts. Thank you!!!

We should be receiving the Endowment Fund end of calendar statement by month end. Will publish that info separately when it becomes available.

Consider making a difference at your class reunion this year by giving to the Go Warriors Endowment Fund building our capital base for future payouts or the Current fund which funds school requests anytime!

Have you made a gift this year?  Will new classes join us? Talk to your friends.

2022 Cumulative Current Status - April

Current Funds Available: $13.91
Go Warriors! Endowment Fund $40,000.00
Go Warriors! Term Fund  $8,839.50
Cum Total All Funds $48,839.50
Class of ’70 $11,189.00
Class of ’71  $20,346.00
Class of ’73 $1000.00
Class of ‘74 $20.00
Class of ’76 $5140.00
Class of ’77 $90.00
Class of '80 $500.00
Class of ’87 $100.00
Class of ’95 $500.00
Class of '00 $30.00
Class of ’05 $50.00
Class of ’08 $383.33
Class of ’11 $333.33
Aloha High School $60.00
Community $8744.50
Cum Total - all Funds $48,839.50