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Go Warriors! Opportunity Fund

Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund​

We invite you to join 17 alumni classes and the Aloha community, in networking with other alumni to build the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Funds! So far we have made over $16,000 in awards to 31 group requests! That's in addition to expanding the Go Warriors! Opportunity Endowment Fund capital base whose earnings will fund future requests! 

To celebrate the 1970-71 45th and 44th reunion, we established the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund! It awards grants through the Beaverton Education Foundation to small student groups (8 or more) with seed money and fund optional class activities in a wide range of areas. The fund pools the resources of all alumni classes and the Aloha community to encourage initiative, planning, budgeting, problem solving, project execution and delivery. It it used to stimulate student interest in exploring academic, career and personal development.

Why build an endowment fund?

Traditionally endowment funds established by alumni were in the domain of private high schools. Recent news has focused on family income demographics of current students and educational funding challenges. Our effort will help change the current perception with a permanent resource and is a great way to let current and future students know that we care and consider them to be our most valuable asset as it was in the past!

The Go Warriors Endowment Fund is within reach of its initial goal of $50,000. Annual earnings growth helps fund awards year after year.

For more information watch the following video:

Introducing Go Warriors AHS Opportunity Funds June 2022

Now the BEF Beaverton's Choice Project link will immediately update the fund total and send a receipt reflecting your gift. 

We also have an AHS 50th Anniversary Celebration video posted on Youtube with event pictures/videos. The event was well received and had over 300 alumni, staff, and community members attend.

AHS 50th Anniversary Celebration

Fund Update and Promotion Information

For information on the latest fund update and promotions see our Facebook page.

AHS Go Warriors Facebook Page

Donation Flyer and Form

To mail a gift print the Donation Flyer:

Donation Flyer

Tax deductible gifts are accepted year round at: or by mail to:

Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF)
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #168
Beaverton, OR 97005
(Make check payable to Beaverton Education Foundation indicating the Go Warriors! Fund Term (for current students) and Endowment distribution amounts)



Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund Update

Activities and News

Aloha High School

Career Center: Mock interview Event was an outstanding success!  It was well organized from parking through briefing and the interview format.  We followed up with Catherine Ramos to see if we can further publicize and or recruit for future Career Center events.  They are in the planning phase for next year. Stay tuned! 

Music Studio staff request – Do you have a gently used electric guitar, ukulele, or bass guitar they’re looking to get rid of, the school will happily take donations. Email Chris using with a description and contact information.

Have you noticed the AHS YouTube channels for upcoming events (weekly) done by the Film Program or the concert events from the Music Studio?  If you haven’t navigate to the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund channel for known AHS YouTube links.

Go Warriors Aloha High School Opportunity Fund Youtube Channel

Aloha Alumni 2023-24

This year Aloha alumni have successfully promoted and supported two requests outside of Go Warriors, “Aloha Dance Team Returns to the Competition Scene!” and “A Golden Dream for the AHS Boys Soccer Program”. The Boys Soccer team competed in state competition in 2023 and ranked 6th in the 6A division.

Class of ’73 raised $830 for the Go Warriors Endowment Fund at their 50th reunion in Sept! Way to go, ’73!!

Beaverton Education Foundation

Updated: Aloha Go Warriors! Fund page with links to last several years of project awards. See the Go Warriors BEF page at

Partnering with BEF and the Aloha PTO booster Club, Go Warriors has made awards to 6 AHS requests to date (1/28/2023) for the 2022-23 school year.

Go Warriors! Opportunity Funds

Go Warriors awarded $750 to the “Send the Aloha Marching Band to the Championships”. Congratulations to the AHS Marching Ensemble for placing 1st in Division A at the 2023 Festival of Bands and making finals again this year!

Per the poll in the Facebook Go Warriors! AHS Opportunity Fund group, we are now publishing this news and fund status report quarterly.  More school activity news is now published as well as an opportunity to express your opinion is available by joining our facebook group.

Go Warriors Facebook Group


  • The Board awarded a $750 in the form of a match for the AHS Yearbook: Capture Every Moment project.  The request is to purchase 4 camera kits. With many activities often occurring at the same time more than one fast camera is needed.


  • The Board awarded $175 to “Perspectives” for English Language Learners” to cover transportation costs for a field trip to further their studies on descriptive writing and world-changing leaders to visit The Portland Art Museum’s current exhibit, Perspectives, featuring art and photography from the 2020 BLM Portland protests.
  • “Hit the right note with Ukuleles for AHS” (Music Studio request) was awarded a $750 match for eight "baritone" ukuleles, which are larger than typical ukuleles and easier to play for students with larger hands. Gifts provide instrument storage, stands and soft benches that are both appropriate for our space in addition to the instruments.


  • Go Warriors!, awarded a $750 match to the AHS Choir “Sing Out Loud!” request to replace failing/outdated equipment (quality sound equipment like wireless microphones, portable quality speakers, cords and mixers). So far, $1400 has been raised by the choir itself, Aloha community, alumni, and BEF. Request was fully funded.

December / January

  • Go Warriors awarded $344 to Careers in Biology to provide general biology students with the opportunity to dissect a preserved organism under the guidance of a medical resident from OHSU. Students will learn how cell biology applies to research and medicine and may very well develop a newfound interest in the sciences moving forward.  The goal is to connect learning in biology with careers in research and medicine. 
  • Go Warriors awarded $500 match to Extra! Extra! Bring the Aloha student newspaper back! To provide seed $ to fund newspaper printing until marketing ads are sold. More to come on this request.

What can you do to support AHS this year?

Financial Update

December 2023

Consider making a difference this year by giving to the Go Warriors Endowment Fund building our capital base for future payouts or the Current fund which funds school requests anytime!

Have you made a gift this year? Let’s keep the ball rolling for even greater success! Would love to hit $50,000 in the Endowment Fund by the end of the calendar year. Will your class join us? Talk to your friends.

2023 Cumulative Current Status - December 2023

Current Funds Available: $2667.94
Go Warriors! Endowment Fund $47,985.93
Go Warriors! Term Fund  $12.199.50
Cum Total All Funds $60,185.43
Class of ’70 $11,916.97
Class of ’71  $25,108.96
Class of ’73 $1830.00
Class of ‘74 $20.00
Class of ’76 $5140.00
Class of ’77 $90.00
Class of '80 $500.00
Class of ’87 $100.00
Class of '92 $1389.00
Class of ’95 $500.00
Class of '00 $30.00
Class of '02 $45.00
Class of ’05 $50.00
Class of ’08 $383.33
Class of '10 $70.00
Class of ’11 $333.33
Class of '14 $353.33
Aloha High School $260.00
Community $11,965.50
Cum Total - all Funds $60,185.43