Go Warriors! Opportunity Fund

Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund​

We invite you to join us (class of ’70 and ’71), in networking with other alumni to build the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund! The original alumni classes have now been joined by more than twelve classes and the community.

To celebrate our 45th and 44th reunion, we established the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund! It awards grants through the Beaverton Education Foundation to small non athletic student groups (8 or more) with seed money and fund optional class activities in a wide range of areas. The fund pools the resources of all alumni classes and the Aloha community to encourage initiative, planning, budgeting, problem solving, project execution and delivery. It it used to stimulate student interest in exploring career and personal development.

Why build an endowment fund?

Traditionally endowment funds established by alumni were in the domain of private high schools. Recent news has focused on family income demographics of current students and educational funding cutbacks. Our effort will help change the current perception with a permanent resource and is a great way to let current and future students know that we care and consider them to be our most valuable asset as it was in the past!

The goal is to reach $50,000 to become a permanent endowment fund which grows and awards funds year after year. For more information contact

Now the BEF Beaverton's Choice Project link will immediately update the fund total and send a receipt reflecting your gift. 

We also have an AHS 50th Anniversary Celebration video posted on Youtube - - with event pictures/videos. The event was well received and had over 300 alumni, staff, and community members attend.

Fund Update and Promotion Information

For information on the latest fund update and promotions see our Facebook page at

Donation Flyer and Form

To mail a gift print the Donation Flyer at

Tax deductible gifts are accepted year round at: or by mail to:

Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF)
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #168
Beaverton, OR 97005
(Make check payable to Beaverton Education Foundation indicating the Go Warriors! Fund Term (for current students) and Endowment distribution amounts)



Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund Update

Update as of 5/31/2021

Activities and News

Community Outreach

  • Meet & Greet Gathering meetings on hold until September. September Aloha Alumni Meet & Greet is scheduled for 7:00pm on September 13th, 2021. Gathering details are posted and, Facebook, and YouTube. The Meet & Greet gathering supports current and future students as well as encourages alumni networking across classes.

Beaverton Education Foundation

Alumni News

  • “AHS Warriors: Celebrate Grads of 2021!” which maximizes grad party ticket availability, celebrates class achievement during a challenging time, and gives a warm welcome to our new alumni, the class of 2021 now has achieved its goal of $2000 to purchase 50 grad party tickets!
  • Many thanks to Aloha Booster Club and Aloha Warrior alumni for making a difference to 2021 class memories during a difficult and unusual year!

Aloha High School

  • OSAA Sports Calendar updated for 20-21
    • Winter Sports (swimming, wrestling, basketball) season May 10th – June 27th

Go Warriors! Board

  • A backup Go Warriors! Administrator has volunteered. Terry Styner ‘73, is exploring current processes and documents to prepare for any unexpected events.  A search for a volunteer Assistant Go Warriors Administrator and Marketing Admin for Assistant and Marketing Admin backup is underway.  Training is available for all roles. If you are interested in more info let Chris know ( leave a msg/text 971-217-8950).  This position will transition as future replacement.

Project Awards for 2020-2021

  • I could have used a little more tuba.  – Band request award - $750
    • Description: Since 2017, our program has doubled from 45 students to a projected 100 in 2021 which means our instrument inventory has been stretched to its limit. This year, we have the wonderful problem of four tuba players, but only three tubas! During a normal year, students would share the large instruments while having their own mouthpieces.
    • While we are in distance learning, and even during hybrid, we will not be able to do this, nor is it ideal going forward.  This fundraiser would help our low brass students all have an instrument of their own.
    • See Band members “Thank you” video -
  • Books, books & more good books. – Award $500 (2019-2020) + $300(2020-2021) – Project request funded with BEF/Go Warriors match.
    • Description: "The sophomore class of Aloha High School is looking to update their book club options this year and provide titles that are more accessible, especially for struggling readers and English Language Learners.”
  • Enhance PE Hybrid Learning in the Gym – request purchased standup desks and two speakers in support of hybrid learning. Partnering with BEF, the board awarded $750 with BEF completing the $1023.87 request.

What can you do to support AHS this year?

Financial Update - May

Go Warriors! Endowment Fund achieves milestone of $35,000! Class of ’70 put us over the top!! Thank you!!
Go Warriors! Current Fund 2020-2021 takes a leap up to $1695 from $1495! Thank you, Class of ‘71!!

With May numbers, ’71 is ahead of ’70 in total gifts by $4907 difference. Thank you!!

Above-the-line tax deduction for gifts of cash to charity of up to $300 for individuals and up to $600 for joint filers are available for 2021.

Which group or class has the most donors? Aloha Community followed by '70.
Which group or class has made the greatest number of gifts? '71 followed by Aloha Community.
Which group or class has raised the most at a class reunion? '76

Consider making a difference at your class reunion this year by giving to the Go Warriors Endowment Fund building our capital base for future payouts or the Current fund which funds school requests anytime!

Will your class overtake the current records?

Have you made a gift this year?  Will new classes join us? Talk to your friends. 

2021 Cumulative Current Status - May

Current Funds Available:   $1172.91

Go Warriors!
Endowment Fund         $35,000.00
Go Warriors!
Term Fund                      $8,389.50
Cum Total All Funds     $43,389.50

Class of ’70                   $10,589.00      
Class of ’71                   $15,496.00    
Class of ’73                      $1000.00       
Class of ‘74                          $20.00
Class of ’76                      $5140.00
Class of ’77                          $90.00
Class of '80                        $500.00
Class of ’87                        $100.00
Class of ’95                        $500.00
Class of '00                          $30.00
Class of ’05                          $50.00
Class of ’08                        $383.33
Class of ’11                        $333.33
Class of ’14                        $353.33
Aloha High School               $60.00      
Community                       $8744.50       

Cum Total - all Funds    $43,389.50