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Summer School 2023

AHS SUMMER SCHOOL 2023: Summer C.R.E.D.(it)

Phone: 503-356-2815


Summer School Director:  Andrew Wilson

Our aim and intention are to recapture the hearts and minds of our most disconnected students by creating meaningful summer learning experiences that are engaging and thoughtful, and designed specifically to attract and inspire our most vulnerable and underserved student groups.  We will create this program with our students’ emotional, social, and academic needs at the center of our design.


  • Session 1: July 10 - July 18
  • Session 2: July 19 - July 27
  • Both sessions meet Monday - Thursday from 8am - noon
  • Classes will be in person at AHS


8.5:   8.5 is a program designed to introduce incoming 9th graders to high school in an interactive and engaging way.  8.5 focuses on community connections, school culture, and student wellness in this six day offering. Students can choose one of the two sessions and will earn a .5 elective credit before they even start High School!

C.R.E.D.(it) Experiences:  These credit bearing experiences are designed with engagement, inclusion, and enrichment in mind.  By engaging our students' hearts and minds, we hope to disrupt the cycle of failure, by creating the opportunity to become curious in our content areas, see themselves as learners, connect school to their lived experiences and hopes, and help our students reconnect to our course curricula and school community.

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Summer School 2023