Summer School

AHS Summer School

Due to construction, AHS Summer School will take place at Mountain View Middle School.

Credit Recovery classes are for students who have previously taken the course and failed the course or received a D. Students will receive .5 Content Credit per class.  Price is per class. Students may select up to 2 classes. Graded P/F.​​​​

  • AGS 1 & AGS 2
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Human Geo
  • PE
  • Health
  • Lit 9, Lit 10, Lit 11, Lit 12
  • PE

Enrichment classes are to enrich your life. Students enrolled in enrichment classes will not receive credit.

College Application Intensive
College Essay Writing Intensive

Aloha High School offers premier writing development in a two-week, two hours a day intensive Writing Enrichment Course. The personal statement (or college essay) the focus, skill emphasis will include voice, syntax, audience awareness (diction), and conventions. 

  • Week One: The personal statement (Common Application Essay and other college essay prompts) with a focus on voice and diction. 
  • Week Two:  Scholarship answers and letter writing with a focus on syntax and conventions. 

More classes TBA


8.5 will provide students with opportunities to preview and prepare for high school while forming good habits and having fun. 1 elective credit.

Students enrolled in 8.5 will experience engaging science projects, math, team building, language arts and and opportunity to build skills that will help them succeed in high school.


Credit Recovery
Point Five (8.5/9.5)
Enrichment (2 weeks)
Cost - $200
Credit - 0.5
Grading - Pass/Fail
Cost - $100
Credit - 1
Grading - Pass/Fail
Cost - $200
Credit - N/A
Grading - N/A

Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch are eligible for fee reductions.


Students will register for summer school with a paper application. Once counselors have verified students’ enrollment and students have paid, their registration will be active.

Credit Recovery Registration Form
8.5 Registration Form
Original Credit Registration Form
If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Riley or Adina Lepp at

Discounted rates are available for students who qualify for free or reduced meals.​